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Delay Can Reveal Doubts
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Confident Expectation! The feeling of 'confidence' is the assurance that your desire IS on its way. And getting to that place where we have no doubt is one reason why there is often a delay in receiving what we know is coming. We need time to work through our doubt.

Once I had attracted the
Perfect Condo, the Perfect Realtor and the Perfect Financier I was ready to do the work of negotiating for the purchase of the harborside condo.

I was so in the flow of Source Energy that the negotiations went quickly and smoothly and within 24 hours we were able to agree on the price I wanted to pay.

Now, the final action needed to complete this Real Estate deal, was to sell the downtown condo.

This should have happened quickly. The market was perfect. The downtown condo was in a VERY trendy location of Victoria. It was the ONLY condo for sale in one of the most sought after complexes. It was large, freshly painted and well decorated. We had it priced just right. It received plenty of attention in the media and Open House was well attended. Yet the offers were not forthcoming.

After five weeks, we still did not have one single offer. And we were pushing very close to the date on which we should have been closing. I felt confused. I was doing all that I knew to do to attract the Perfect Buyer. I was maintaining my focus on where I wanted to be rather than on where I actually was. I was following everything I teach to others about Law of Attraction.

Finally, I simply had to admit, "I don't know what it is that I need to know to complete this manifestation." My request became: "Universe/God, show me what I need to know, say or do to bring this to completion."

Within 24 hours I had the answer to my prayer. Way in the back of my mind I was questioning, "Is it really God's Will that I live in such a luxurious home?" So deeply had my entire religious upbringing ingrained the message into me that luxury was sin, that the message was still vibrating within me, causing the sale of my downtown condo to be delayed.

But what can a person do about such an old “tape” embedded that way into our psyche? Well, my next request was: "Show me the Truth that I need to know so this 'tape' will no longer have effect." Again, within 24 hours I had the answer to my prayer.

That night I listened to a cassette tape I received from
Abraham-Hicks and I learned that wanting God to decide what is good for me is a childish desire for someone else to take responsibility for what manifests in my life. I understood that Truth immediately! I had wanted to blame God if I did not fully receive my desire.

"And the Truth shall set you free!" Indeed. Once I took full responsibility for my choice of where I wanted to live, the downtown condo sold quickly and with a short extension on the closing date ALL parties were happy.

What do you need to know, say or do to have the Confident Expectation that you will indeed have what you want? Do you have a secret dream, desire or hope?