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As You Believe, So It Is
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Confident Expectation. The feeling of confidence is the assurance that your desire IS on its way.

In Real Estate, as in most avenues of life, there are many steps to achieving your goals--whether buying or selling, investing or brokering--AND it is important to wait until you feel confident before you proceed to the next step.

Once I had identified the
Perfect Condo and had attracted the Perfect Realtor, I needed to attract the Perfect Financier.

Lesson #1: Ask For Guidance
I knew that if I were going to purchase the Perfect Condo, I would be an exception to the rules of residential financing so I asked the Universe/God to lead me to the Perfect Financier. The willingness to be guided by my Inner Being (intuition) is vital to living a life of joyful Attraction.

Lesson #2: Gather the Facts
I remembered some important lessons I had learned from the purchase of my downtown condo--things like: 'bring proof of earnings and income to your lending agency' and 'demonstrate that you have a good credit rating.' Joyfully, I gathered together the necessary documentation. It was important that **I** be thoroughly convinced that I would qualify for the mortgage. Gathering the facts and crunching the numbers first convinced me, thus I was able to convince the Right Financier.

Lesson #3: The Right Choice Comes Easily and Effortlessly
That's right--I made two phone calls and received two very different responses.

Phone Call #1: I phoned the company that had helped me finance the downtown condo, explained what I wanted by way of financing. Their response was "we'll call you back with our best offer"--only, they never called me. It felt "heavy and effortful" to chase after them for an answer.

Phone Call #2: I phoned the bank manager who had provided the financing of my downtown condo and he happily gave me an appointment for the day and time I wanted.

Allowing the Universe/God to reveal the path of least resistance builds reassurance that what you have asked for IS yours.

Lesson #4: Go With Confidence

Having asked for guidance, gathered my facts and crunched the numbers for my own satisfaction, and recognizing the Perfect Financier, I felt a huge surge of Confident Expectation as I met with the Bank Manager. I believed that I could afford the new place and I believed that he was going to agree with me.

Once the Bank Manager saw my documentation and crunched the numbers for himself, he leaned across the desk and said, "If you can buy the harborside condo for this amount and sell your downtown condo for that amount...its yours." YAHOO! I was another step closer to living in my Perfect condo and it could not have been easier or more effortless!

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