Certified Professional TeleLeader Training and Mentoring Program
with the Law of Attraction Training Center

Michael Losier,
author, speaker and TeleClass trainer

Your Certificate

One of the most effective, yet underused marketing tools is your voice. Teaching Teleclasses is a powerful business building tool. Whether you've been teaching or coaching for a while or not, our TeleLeader Training will prepare you so thoroughly that you'll lead like a "seasoned pro" on your first TeleClass.

Because we have a strong commitment to TeleClass excellence, we have very high expectations and standards and feel it is a privilege to be accepted as a TeleLeader at the Law of Attraction Training Center.

Bridge lines, public Catalog listing and promotion through our Weekly Ezine of Upcoming TeleClasses are all available to the qualified TeleLeader wishing to build their own successful TeleClass business.

Question: Who may teach TeleClasses on Law of Attraction Training Center Catalog?

Answer: All our TeleClasses are led by LOATC graduates of the Certified Law of Attraction Coach-Trainer Program&trade (formerly called Certified LOA Practitioners' Program) who have taken Certified TeleLeader Training with us.

We have found that the most successful TeleLeaders are those that can answer "Yes" to the following questions:

1. Do you love teaching? Successful TeleLeaders love teaching, enjoy interacting with people and communicate well with others over the phone, but don't necessarily require face-to-face interactions with people to feel fulfilled.

2. Do you have adequate time in your schedule to become a TeleLeader with LOATC?
Successful TeleLeaders are usually self-governing, well organized and carefully allow enough time to prepare for their classes, respond to emails from students or staff.

3. Do you have a specific "audience" in mind for your proposed TeleClasses?
Successful TeleLeaders are able to easily identify their audience and the needs of their clients or students.

4. Do you have a specific "topic" in mind for your proposed TeleClasses? Your topic needs to be clearly compatible with Law of Attraction as taught here at LOATC.

5. Do you feel comfortable charging a registration fee, for your TeleClasses, that reflects the value of the information you intend to teach? Successful TeleLeaders know the value of the material they are presenting and joyfully attract students willing to pay for it.

Question: When may LOATC students purchase the TeleLeader Training Program?

Answer: After graduation from the Certified LOA Coach-Trainer Program™ you may purchase and begin the 5 hour Professional TeleLeader Training.

Question: I don't see any free TeleClasses on your Catalog, can I give free TeleClasses?

Answer: Our policy to to ONLY offer FEE-Based TeleClasses. The information we teach here is unique and valuable!

Question: How much does it cost to become a Certified TeleLeader at the Law of Attraction Training Center?

Answer: The Professional TeleLeader Training and Certification mentoring is $355 US.

Question: Are there any other fees associated with this Audio Program for TeleLeader Training?

Answer: No, you will be exempt from any listing fees when using our online Catalog. There is no charge to receive the recording of your first TeleClass, since that is included in your Training. To order the Recordings of subsequent TeleClasses, there is a $25 fee to order a .wav file or $35 for a .mp3 with Light Editing.

Question: Where do I start?

Answer: Start here...Learn more!