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Reference: Many of the concepts and terms used on this website are taken from Abraham-Hicks materials and used with permission. For more information you may contact Abraham-Hicks Publications, P.O. Box 690070, San Antonio, TX 78269. (830) 755-2299.

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Law of Attraction Resources: Order Rebecca's book: Law of Attraction for Business:
How to create a business or attract a job you LOVE!  in softcover or downloadable
eBook. Also CD's and digital audio's to help you apply the Law of Attraction.
Become an Affiliate and earn money when others purchase the digital products.

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Abraham-Hicks--This is the official website.
Free MP3 Downloads of the Abraham-Hicks Intro CD
Free Music Downloads of the Abraham message set to music

AbeQuotes -- This is an EXCELLENT list. Receive Abraham quotes through
Email. There is no personal discussion on this Email list.

Abraham-Hicks Email Discussion List --This is a moderated discussion group.
You'll get TONS of Email on the subject of the Law of Attraction.

Connie's Abraham Process Lessons--Great for getting started in applying the Law of Attraction. is the most complete guide to information about Self -Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help on the Internet. It is designed to be an organized directory, with articles and references to thousands of other Web Sites on the World Wide Web.

Michael Losier--LOA Speaker and author. Check Michael's schedule for his live tour.

Wealth Beyond Reason offers members articles and audios about the Law of Attraction.

Break Beyond://True Potential Manifested
Meet Morgan, at one of our seminars/workshops of manifestation, and allow us to share with you fun, simple and proven methods to create the life you want and deserve in every aspect. Cape Town, SA

University of Victory Law of Attraction--University of Victory Creating TRUE Entrepreneurs with online education, mentoring, and turnkey marketing business.

The PEOPLE Process -- Are you ISTJ? ENFP? "Understanding People is what it's all about."

Serendipity's Garden Virtual Assistant Services--Providing a comprehensive range of writing, research, and administrative services to law of attraction coaches, practitioners and artistic/creative individuals and businesses.

Prettier You -- A Women's Online Magazine: Helpful hints on beauty, emotional health and dealing with everyday life.

Eight Keys to Success - Help activate the Law of Attraction in your favor.

Orchard CNA Training Centers Our goal is to provide high-quality training and to build a stronger cna workforce that is capable of meeting the current and future demands of our community.

Holistic psychology training - Information on holistic psychology. Browse training information.

Powerbrainfitness Learn the SECRETS to Gain & Maintain Peak Mental Performance

This Book Requires Scissors - A one of a kind book that gives you ready-to-use tools to help set a positive outlook for the week. And you really do need scissors!

Think Hypnosis

Mack Love

The Wonder of It All

The Robins' Nest Retreat

Spirit Wood Farm

Manifesting Possibilities - Society Links Director

Top Safe List Biz

Holistic Learning Center

Making the Secret Work Blog - Business Link Exchange Directory