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[Testimonial] "The Universe guided me to you! I needed this piece of the jigsaw puzzle to understand and fully appreciate the Law of Attraction. I love this Program so much and have benefited every single step of the way. Taking this Program transformed me into a butterfly and I am ready now to take the teachings to those who are ready to learn." Debbie F., UK

Experiencing the transforming power of our Law of Attraction Program goes beyond an "intellectual understanding" of Law of Attraction. Our Certified Law of Attraction Coach-Trainer Program™ is 95 hours in length and designed to prepare you for:





Our Certified LOA Coach-Trainer Program offers the convenience of self-paced learning by audios (downloadable mp3s) and personal attention of live support. We suggest that most people "keep your day job" while allowing your new career to unfold naturally. We prefer a soft, gentle transition from one career to another; allowing the Law of Attraction to work on your behalf bringing the right and perfect opportunities to you.


Clients believe Certification is as close as you can get to a guarantee that a person will provide the quality and level of expertise they claim to offer.

Certification brings you personal satisfaction in achieving a career goal.

Becoming Certified allows you to feel competent and confident you are providing accurate knowledge and information on this subject.

Training and Certification provide you with access to like-minded people with an interest in the field of Law of Attraction.

Our graduates are able to create and enjoy a business they LOVE using the training we provide!

Our graduates learn as much about themselves as they do about the Law of Attraction!

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Experience Module 1, Class 1: The Basic Recipe for LOA and Two Missing Ingredients with Rebecca Hanson,our Founder. Experience how easy it is for anyone to learn and apply fresh knowledge about the Law of Attraction.

Full Program Outline

Detailed Printable version here!

Module 1: Law of Attraction--A Foundation for Living
Instructor: Rebecca Hanson
Each class is 90 min. long.

[NOTE: All Modules must be taken in order as each one builds a foundation for the next Module.]

Class 1: The Basic Recipe & Two Missing Ingredients

Class 2: The Secrets of LOA throughout History

Class 3: LOA is Applied Quantum Physics

Class 4: The Three Most Important LOA Tools and How They Work

Class 5: Self-Actualization The Law of Attraction Way

Class 6: Deepening Our Experience of Self-Actualization the LOA Way

[Testimonial] "I have only just completed Module 1, which is the first of 8 and I can say my life has completely changed in the most wonderful way, I am not the same person who started this course just 4 to 6 weeks ago. I Look forward to my journey as I work my way through the rest of the course. Eternal thanks to my wonderful dear teacher and friend Rebecca."
Zobeeda, after Module 1.

Module 2: Keys to Empowering Relationships
Instructors: Rebecca Hanson and Cheryl Vallejos
Each class is 90 min. long.

Class 1: Understanding Your Style of Communication
Rebecca Hanson

Class 2: The Art of Reframing, Installing & Future-Pacing
Rebecca Hanson

Class 3 - The Comprehensive Emotional Scale
- Rebecca Hanson

Class 4: Managing Relationship Communications
- Cheryl Vallejos

Class 5: Boost Relationship Connections Releasing Techniques - Cheryl Vallejos

Class 6 : Healing Relationships Powerfully
Instructors: Rebecca Hanson with Cheryl Vallejos

[Testimonial] "This is not some fluffy, vague teaching, but hands-on, deep, applicable, transformational information which (when) heard changes lives permanently!"-J.S., Canada

Module 3: LOA: The Law of Love & Releasing Obstacles
Instructors: Rebecca Hanson & Lynn Ahearn
Each class is 90 min. long.

Class 1: The Law of Attraction is the Law of Love
Rebecca Hanson

Class 2: EFT - The Basic Recipe
Lynn Ahearn

Class 3: Doing EFT -The "Basic Recipe" Practice Session
Lynn Ahearn

Class 4: EFT in Depth: Healing the past by changing beliefs and releasing blockages
Lynn Ahearn

Class 5: "Divine Order"
Rebecca Hanson

Class 6: Understanding Yourself Through Your Dreams
Rebecca Hanson

 Detailed Printable version here!

Module 4: Prosperity: It's an Inside Job

Instructor: Cheryl Vallejos
Each class is 90 min. long.

Class 1: The Truth of Prosperity

Class 2: Letting Go of the Lies

Class 3: Aligning With Prosperity

Class 4: Creating Prosperity

Class 5: Proactively Prosperous

Class 6: Launching Prosperity

[Testimonial] "I'm very grateful for having discovered this LOA Course as this had been transformational in so many ways." -L.B., South Africa

Module 5: Coaching is Easy, the LOA Way!
Instructor: Rebecca Hanson and Cheryl Vallejos

Each class is 90 min. long.

Class 1: The LOA practitioner as Teacher-Coach - Rebecca Hanson

Class 2: Getting Started With Clients - Cheryl Vallejos

Class 3: Using the LOA Tools in the Coaching Session, Part 1 - Cheryl Vallejos

Class 4: More LOA Tools in the Coaching Session, Part 2 - Cheryl Vallejos

Class 5: Intro to Levels of Consciousness & Attraction
- Rebecca Hanson

[Testimonial] "I am loving this program and am thrilled to be learning how to share this with others! I feel more prepared all the time and already have three speaking engagements lined up and the best part is that they have approached ME! I love watching this unfold!" Marlo, after Module 5

Module 6: Sharing LOA as a Public Speaker
Instructor: Michael Losier
Each class is 60 min long.


Class 1: Introduction to Accelerated Learning Techniques and the Law of Attraction

Class 2: Starting your Deliberate Attraction Process

Class 3: Allowing -Tools and a Deeper Understanding of LOA

Class 4: Relationships and the Law of Attraction

Class 5: Law of Attraction and Money

Class 6: How to Use This Specialty Niche and Make Money

[Testimonial] A light bulb went off when learning about the difference between affirmation and desire statement. Wow. No wonder the statements "I am in the process of…" feels so much more aligned! Whoohoo!!! I feel like I could do an entire presentation on this alone!I loved the explanation about the word "want" and Michael's fun response to things… "Go mind your own vibration!" So clever and funny.It was also very helpful to hear how he brings in his seminars without being sales in interviews, etc. Marlo ~ Hawaii

Module 7: Building Your Law of Attraction Business With Power and Passion!
Instructors: Rebecca Hanson and Cheryl Vallejos

Class 1: Included in this class is Rebecca Hanson's book, Law of Attraction for Business: How to Create a Business or Attract a Job You LOVE! and the one-hour TeleClass audio of her Introduction to Law of Attraction for Business

Class 2: Setting Up Your LOA Business

Class 3: Power in Networking

Class 4: Power Words That Sell

Class 5: Creating Your Business Script

Class 6: Your Operating Power

Class 7: Manifest Your Destiny - Attract More Business

Class 8: The Balancing Act

 [Testimonial] "For me LOATC is not just a community, this is a living, physical organism with a soul, on the Leading Edge. Our Training Center is global guidance (for) this transitional period of time." -I.F., Norway

Module 8: The Practicum

This Module has five (5) major components:

1. Complete Module Evaluations: One for each of the Modules 1 - 7.

2. Ten Coaching Reports

3. Ten Training Reports

4. Five Mastery Reports

5. Your Completion Interview

[Testimonial] "This Certification is important to me, it's not just a piece of paper, but represents a whole shift for me. And this is not just about a Certification process, it's about living your life in a whole new way, with more joy and fulfillment." -Rev. M.H., USA READ MORE TESTIMONIALS....

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