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About the Law of Attraction Training Center

The Law of Attraction Training Center began in 2003, through the inspiration of Rebecca Hanson, when a coaching client said to her: "Rebecca, its too bad you are only one person." This comment sparked the "blueprint" for the Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner Program TM Which grew into the Certified Law of Attraction Coach-Trainer Program TM --an astounding Program of transformation.

The Certified Law of Attraction Coach-Trainer's ProgramTM began with 10 students, primarily from Canada and the USA.

In 2008, this invaluable Program of transformation was offered as a fully downloadable audio (.mp3) Program and the vista of students expanded to reach hundreds of individuals in more than 20 countries throughout the world.

We are now the oldest and largest Law of Attraction Training Center in the world.

Our mission here at the Law of Attraction Training Center is simple; to develop and deliver powerful, life-changing teaching around Universal principles, primarily the Law of Attraction, to people all over the world, while we remain true to our vision and calling to help raise the consciousness of the planet.

We'd like you to meet our Faculty, we are REAL people serving REAL people through a variety of communication modes: website, live workshops, telephone, email and Skype. We stay focused on assisting our students in becoming ALL they came here to be, say or do! As one student succinctly put it, "This is a no-fluff program!" Just joyfilled, uplifting and meaningful communication!

Our Faculty

Rebecca Hanson, Founder of LOATC

For over 30 years Rebecca has been a catalyst as well as a bridge for helping people to find their own pathway to higher-consciousness. As a "translator" of higher-consciousness experiences, she is able to explain in plain language, deep non-linear concepts.

As a Master Law of Attraction Teacher, Rebecca teaches:
Module 1: Law of Attraction--A Foundation for Living

Modules 2: Keys to Empowering Relationships.
Module 5: The Miracle540 Experiment
Module 7: Coaching is Easy, the LOA Way! Rebecca is a powerful story-teller. All her stories are true experiences which demonstrate LOA principles through her vast life-experiences. Students love her giggle and the sound of her voice is like a soothing glass of iced tea on a hot day!

The Law of Attraction Training Center has given Rebecca a place to interface with people who are also on a spiritual journey and to find a better, more effective way to positively impact more and more people.

Her book, Law of Attraction for Business: How to create a business or attract a job you LOVE! is a blueprint for business success.

Rebecca also has a wonderful "technical" side which she honors and in 1997 she taught herself web design and went on to create several internet based businesses. Rebecca is the heart behind LOATC.

Cheryl Vallejos,

Sr. Faculty Member

Cheryl has been a Senior Faculty Member at the Law of Attraction Training Center since 2006. She teaches in Modules 2: Keys to Empowering Relationships, Module 4:Prosperity: It's an Inside Job, Module 6: Coaching is Easy, the LOA Way! and Module 7: Building Your Law of Attraction Business as part of the Certified LOA Coach-Trainer ProgramTM.

She works with people all over the world who are ready to attract more happiness, success and prosperity in life with less effort.

Cheryl has been a professional business coach and consultant for over 17 years. She works with individuals and groups to achieve their business goals, maintain life balance, and discover their greatness. She is a professional speaker, author and teacher with over 22 year's experience owning, operating and partnering with companies for more growth and success.

Cheryl teaches clients about quantum science and how that ties to The Law of Attraction. She feels it's important to not only know the process works but to understand 'why' it works. Once people see and understand the process and science behind the LOA, it's much easier to attract success and happiness.

Lynn Ahearn, Faculty Member

Lynn had the privilege of being a student during the initial offering of the Certified Coach-Trainer's Program in 2003 and was among the first graduates to become Certified. Since that time, she has gone on to become a TeleClass Leader and a Faculty Member herself, as she teaches in Module 3: Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Michael Losier, LOA Trainer and Author

Michael Losier and Rebecca Hanson began working together in 1999 when they launched TeleClass International, an online business where they both let their gifts shine: Michael was the trainer for their TeleLeader Training Program and Rebecca created the amazing software behind the online registration system.

Michael was the first faculty member hired by the Law of Attraction Training Center, in 2003. His simple approach to the subject of Law of Attraction has helped literally thousands of people to get started on their LOA journey.

During Module 6: Sharing LOA as a Public Speaker, and Professional TeleLeader Training Michael shares his brilliant approach to teaching adults Law of Attraction through "accelerated learning techniques."

Michael is an international best-selling author of the book: Law of Attraction and he tours the globe introducing people to the Law of Attraction.

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