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 Weather Intending
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Are any other weather men or women out there?

I have known for about 20 years, that I have power to influence weather. Today I had another such experience.

My daughter and I were working outdoors, preparing my collection of flower pots to be packed for my move to Victoria. We had also washed a number of expensive silk indoor plants and set them outside to dry. I noticed a serious weather-front moving in from the north. Black clouds with hail clouds (in Saskatchewan, you get real familiar with these things).

I began to speak to the clouds and the sky: "We are enjoying good calm weather. Any wind, hail or rain must avoid my house and property."

Within less than 5 min, the sky began to clear. The dark clouds never reached us. The hail clouds disolved.

We completed the task of drying all the clay pots and the silk plants and they are now safely packed and ready for transportation.