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The Truth or a Lie?
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Recently I discovered how the Law of Attraction makes it easy to recognize the truth from a lie.

A coaching client had asked if I could help her regain her joy in her marriage. Married almost 40 years to an exceptionally kind and caring man, two years ago she had listened to a "friend" who shared, in confidence, that she thought my client's husband was having an affair. This came as a shock to my client. Yet, she allowed those words to take root--why?  Because 20 years earlier, she had begun to tell herself, "This is too good to last. One day he will leave me."

Now, my client has been learning about the Law of Attraction and wondering if it can help her turn this situation around. The amount of suspicion and "evidence" against her husband had grown, but he maintained his love faithfulness for her. She admitted that there was no proof he had been having an affair, other than he was seen talking with one of her girl friends.

As a coach, I knew it would be important to help my client sort through what was truth and what not truth--what was an illusion or a lie. Then I remembered those words from the Bible:  "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free." I prayed for wisdom, and my inner voice spoke ever so gently: 

"You can tell the truth by how it feels. Truth feels good. Untruth feels bad."

I spoke this wisdom to my client. She was relieved to know that there was a way to know the truth--and it had nothing to do with externals. However, by looking at how the report about her husband made her feel, she could see that it had all been a lie. All her suspicious, all her sadness, all her imaginations of him being with someone else had been based on falsehood. The truth was (and is) he loves her and continues to love and cherish her. As we did EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) together, she released the old energy and thought patterns that had caused her so much grief. And as we "tapped in" the truth, the joyous Truth, her vibration came up very quickly AND so did the first evidence of the Truth of his love--during our coaching session, he left her a very loving voice message while we were talking on the phone.

Yes, the Law of Attraction is very powerful. A fear, entertained for 20 years, attracted a report that was not true, but was a vibrational match to that fear. From then on, looking for evidence to support the lie, many situations were interpreted as "evidence" that the fear and the lie were "the truth" when, in fact they were not.