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Release Resistance

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One of the 3 conditions for deliberately attracting more of what you want is to 'allow the Universe to give you what you desire'. Resistance can take many forms as you will see as you read this story from Suzie Dawson.

Suzie writes:

During a recent one-on-one coaching session with Rebecca, I had a major breakthrough. For the past 2 years, I have had a challenge holding my pen as I write. I could not get comfortable with the grip. It was either too loose or way too tight (usually the latter). Rebecca suggested that I loosen the grip and let it flow. She sensed that something was trying to be expressed through me. I responded that when I just let it flow, my pen goes all over the place and my writing is very messy. She said, "This is good! It doesn't have to be tame or pretty, just let the energy flow through you."

This advice has changed my life! As I sat down at the computer recently to do my e-newsletter, I noticed that I was feeling blocked. It occurred to me that I should try writing out the article, instead of typing it. As soon as I began with pen in hand, the words just immediately flowed through me. After sending the newsletter out, I received the most positive feedback yet!

This has also carried over to other areas of my life. Since I have loosened the grip on my pen, I have also loosened the grip on the rest of my life. It has been incredibly freeing!

"Our outside world is a reflection of our inside. If you want to change your business or your life, start by looking inward."

Good for Suzie!