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Can We Both Get What We Want?

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Here's a common question about the Law of Attraction and relationships:

If I'm in the process of deliberately attracting more of what I want, how can I maintain good relationships with people who may not appreciate or want what I want?

This question is especially important when living with a spouse or partner or in a close business arrangement.

One couple who asked me for coaching brought a good example of how this issue can present: They lived in a New England state and wanted to move to a warmer, weather-friendlier climate. The husband wanted to move to Florida, but the wife wanted to be close to certain family members and that would mean staying in New England.

As their coach, I asked them to individually write down the essence of what they wanted--to be less specific about the "where and how"-- just to describe how they wanted to feel in their new place.

The husband wrote down: "I love being able to enjoy the outdoors every day of the year, without shoveling snow."

The wife wrote down: "I love living close to my family because we love and support each other in many ways important to me."

I asked them to keep their focus on this desire and allow the Universe to orchestrate the perfect move that would satisfy both desires.

The outcome was a move to Richmond, Virginia, where the temperature is moderate and if it does snow, the snow typically remains on the ground only one or two days at a time. AND the wife found a cousin who lives there and they have become best friends.


One of the primary intentions of both parties in a good relationship must be HARMONY. While I'm living alone, I don't have to be too concerned about how my choices will affect another person, but when I am sharing space with someone or in a relationship of any kind, then I'm aware that my decisions may have an affect on the other person.

So, how can you get what you want while maintaining harmony and allow the other person to have what they desire?

1. Identify the essence of your desire: How do you want to feel? Why is this important to you?

2. Each person need to effectively communicate the essence of his/her desire and intention to find a harmonious solution, with the other person.

3. Remain in ALLOWING mode after making your desire known. If your over-riding intention is to have HARMONY, then you will ALLOW the Universe to orchestrate the circumstances so that you can both receive the desire of your heart and maintain your enjoyment of one another. Relax. Chill out. Remain joyful!

The key is to BELIEVE that the Universe wants to give you the desire of your heart AND maintain HARMONY in your relationships. How? Ah, the Universe has an infinite number of ways to achieve this feat...that's the fun part...wondering and watching how it will work out.

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