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The Money Series: Part 6

How I Paid Off $20,000 in Debt Faster Than Losing 20 lbs
A story submitted by
Jacqueline F.

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An atmosphere of financial 'safety' is essential to creating abundance. The Law of Attraction tells us that the Universe gives us MORE of what we are feeling. It responds to our thoughts, feelings, emotions and mood. If we are feeling stressed, anxious, or guilty about debt, then paying down (and paying off) the debt is essential to attracting a surplus or abundance of money.

Do I hear groaning?

When we decide that we are going to pay off ALL our debts the Law of Attraction kicks into gear to help us!  The Law of Attraction responds quickly and powerfully to decisions made with INTEGRITY. Here's a true story submitted by Jacqueline Fox about how the Law of Attraction helped her become free of all debts.

Jacqueline wrote:

I have always believed that losing weight was easy because it is all in my control while eliminating $20,000 debt is difficult because so much is not in my control. 

Well, amazingly, my debt is paid, my weight has not budged --- except perhaps in the direction not desired. 

In September of 2001 I had been out of work for one year; accumulating debt on numerous credit cards; not wanting to face the reality of what I owed. At the end of September, I became employed part time and finally decided to face my debt head on: $20,000!

I consolidated the debt from five credit cards to one. Several months later I found an interest free credit card and I used it to pay off the balance of the first card. I started out paying just over minimum payment each month. As quickly as I could, I began paying at least $200 over the minimum payment. Some months I could pay as much as $1,000. 

A year later, I discovered The Law of Attraction and began working the principles. While participating in a 'prosperity game' I became aware of a knowing inside of me that my debt was handled --- I didn't even have to think about it anymore. I wrote one 'virtual check' for debt elimination and that was that. 

January 1, 2003-2005: The real debt stood at $12,000.

February 1, 2003-2005: We are 100% completely out of debt. Because of an unexpected inheritance, the entire debt has been paid off!

March 2003-2005: We took a prepaid vacation to Mexico on the ocean. This was something that I had envisioned for many months. It was an awesome way to celebrate my birthday--it was fabulous!

I have now set up an emergency account, an irregular expenses/savings account, and retirement account.

I am, still struggling with losing 20 lbs. What I thought was not in my control somehow happened easily and effortlessly. What I thought is in my control 'seems' not to be.

Now I'm working on getting the feeling sense, the absolute knowing inside of me that I am at my perfect weight!

Jacquiline F.