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A Winning The Lottery Experience
A story submitted by Jacqueline F.

© by Rebecca Hanson & Law of Attraction Training Center
Permission granted to reproduce this article with copyrights in tact.

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In response to the article Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? which taught us that if you want to be a millionaire, you must feel like one first, Jacqueline's story reveals how the Law of Attraction responded to feeling like she was about to win the lottery.

Jacqueline wrote:

One of my recent affirmations has been: unexpected income comes to me in delightful ways. This past Saturday there was an opportunity to play the lottery. The total amount was particularly high.

I can count on one hand the number of times I have played the lottery. I decided that I was going to play because I thought I had a responsibility to find ways to allow the Universe to bring me unexpected income in delightful ways. First, I spent hours daydreaming and detail imagining the store from which I would purchase the tickets. The best part of the picture was the fun I had imagining myself supporting the owners of the store, who I do not know personally, but have a good feeling about. My dominant thought was: When I am a winner, they will be winners. I thought about the news reporters at their store, and all the coverage they would get. I giggled a lot imagining all of this.

Finally, I went to purchase the tickets. The air was brisk and I was feeling terrific as I walked to the corner store. As I went inside, and it was just as I had imagined --- I was the only one there. First I inquired how to play this particular game, and then I self-selected five choices and allowed the computer to generate another five choices. When I was finished, I walked across the street to the hobby shop and bought several fun items. I didn’t give the lottery another thought. My vibrations stayed high.

At 11 pm, when the numbers were announced, I knew immediately I was not a winner. I didn’t even have to look at my tickets. The numbers were no where close. I checked my feelings: hmm, neutral, or no, better yet, for some odd reason, I felt like a winner. I felt smug -- like I had just won the lottery and I wasn’t going to tell anyone for some time, until I got my strategy collected.

Monday morning I was still feeling like a winner. So much so that when I drove past the store where I purchased the tickets, I smiled and thanked the Universe.

That afternoon my husband came home to tell me something surprising to both of us: we were in the process of inheriting half a million dollars --- I felt like I had just won the lottery! --- We knew we were getting an inheritance, however, we thought it was just enough to pay our collective debt plus a short vacation: $20,000.

Then, the next day, out of the blue, a client who had owed me $200 for some time, called to tell me she was putting a check in the mail that day for $500.

Last night, my husband informed me that his friend who borrowed $7,000 from him 17 years ago is now going to pay him back this month.

Then, today, I received a check in the mail for a retreat refund due me since November. Although I had requested this refund, I did not know if they would give it --- and I had forgotten all about it!

WOW! I feel like I DID win the lottery this week!
Jacqueline F.

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