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What About Children and Other
Innocents Who Suffer Violence?

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How does the Law of Attraction apply to acts of violence toward children or other innocent victims? I'd like to share the correspondence between myself and Mary, who wrote to me asking about this most important topic~~

Mary wrote to me:

I have been attracted to the concept of Law of Attraction for a while now. It seems to work very well in my life. However, I have a big concern or question I thought you might shed some light on. How does the law of Attraction apply to a situation where someone has been raped or murdered?

Did they 'attract' that? What about children who are abused? What about a devastating illness? Any feedback you can provide would greatly be appreciated. Thank you, Sincerely, Mary

My response:

From the perspective of Attraction and the seeming devastation that occurs to children and other innocents--there is something to do with the community into which they are born--the fear that surrounds them attracts that which is feared. The violence/fear around them is interpreted within their spirit at a subconscious level and then attracted to them. If you believe in past lives, you may also understand that we are born into this world bringing pre-set feelings. Or another way of looking at it--the Bible says that the "Sins of the father are visited upon the children". And Job, the famous sufferer, said, "That which I feared came upon me."

Pertaining to illnesses. My own mother died of Lou Gehrig's disease. When I learned about the Law of Attraction, I was able to evaluate her illness and death in terms of "what was she vibrating"? She carried bitterness and unforgiveness toward my father for over 20 years--could she have been vibrating a message which attracted such an illness? If she had been vibrating joyful allowing and release of my father would she be alive and well today? I can't say for sure, but I have peace about this.

Does this help answer your questions?


Mary writes again:


Thank you so much for taking the time to address my questions. I really want to understand this as I do see it working in my life.

I seem to understand better how the law of Attraction applies to illness. However, when it comes to violence, especially toward the innocent it is MUCH more difficult. I live in a College community and recently (a few years ago) two young college women were raped and murdered. Both seemed to have carefree enjoying life type attitudes. Fear did not seem to enter their minds at all.

I think my fear is that something terrible will happen to my children. They are 7 and 8 years old. I had felt that paying attention to the fear actually helps to keep them safer. Are you saying that I could actually be causing a violent attack on them because I have that fear? I appreciate your time I know that it is valuable, I'm just trying to get this concept. Thank you.

Sincerely, Mary

Rebecca's response:

Dear Mary,

The Law of Attraction works this way: whatever we put our attention on we attract into our life, in one form or another.

We do not really know what the inner thoughts of those two young ladies were. We do not really know what their fears were. They gave the appearance of peace, joy or tranquility, but the Law of Attraction works just the same as the Law of Gravity. It is no respecter of persons. It doesn't judge "this person is basically good, so nothing bad will happen to them". In fact it does not "judge" anything. Whatever we are vibrating, we receive.

For your children, I would "pivot" my focus away from what I fear, ONTO what I am wanting for my children. "I am wanting security, peace, joy, prosperity, a long joyful, meaningful life." And every time my thoughts would try to slip into fear, I would train myself to pivot to what I am wanting. Find a photo of your children in one of their most joyful moments and pin that up where you will see it often (in the bathroom, on the wall across from the toilet is a great place!). FEEL their joy. FEEL your own joy. You don't have to make anything up, just allow yourself to FEEL the joy and that will do more for your children than any of your fears.

Teach your children about true inner guidance. Inner guidance is not at all based in FEAR but on wanting something that feels or looks good and desirable. True inner guidance goes like this: This fellow I know was driving on the freeway, when his inner voice told him to take the next off ramp. As he did, a truck which was out of control slammed into the car that was right ahead of him. He was safe, because he listened to his inner voice...which was not a fear thing, but rather simple recognition of his inner guidance system. When they learn to listen to their inner voice, they will want to be somewhere else on the day a gunman enters Mac Donald's or the bank, or drives down their block.

Does this make sense to you? Can we talk some more about this?


Mary's final note:

Wow, Rebecca,

Thank you for sticking with me on this. I am feeling better about it and am understanding it more. Thank you for the suggestion on the affirmation/prayer. I wrote it out on a 3 X 5 card. That was a wonderful suggestion!

Believe it or not, I spoke to my children just yesterday about listening to their inner guidance. I believe that all babies are born listening to their inner guidance. Then with the unknowing hindrance of parents and other adults, many children slowly lose or diminish that which they did naturally.

Some more than others. Reading your suggestion about discussing their inner guidance with them, helped confirm I was on the right track.

Recently the Law of Attraction has been playing itself out so quickly in my life it has been hard to believe!

I deeply appreciate the time you have taken to help me with this.