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When Your Ideal Feeling Seems Far Away
© by Rebecca Hanson & Global Law of Attraction Training Center
Permission granted to reproduce this article with copyrights in tact.

Recently I was asked this question:  "I know how I WANT to feel--much different than I do now. How can I vibrate my ideal feeling when my current feelings are very low?" This student was realizing that when the distance between your ideal feeling and your current feeling is too great, it doesn't feel very good.

Immediately a picture began to take shape in my mind and I asked this student to imagine a 'time-line' which looks like 'bar-bells'--with her default feeling on the left and her ideal feeling on the right. Then I asked her to place a minus sign under the default feeling and thre plus signs under the ideal feeling.

I drew something like this:

  • Take a moment to draw this diagram on a piece of paper.
  • Now, close your eyes, take a deep breath and really feel your ideal feeling (such as love, joy, excitement or playfulness.)
  • Open your eyes and count to three, then close your eyes and notice how you are feeling right now.
  • Come back to your time-line and place an X about 1/3rd of the way from the left, and place a second X 1/3rd the distance from the right. Like this:
  • Underneath the first X put a single plus sign and under the second X put two plus signs.
Now, close your eyes and let yourself FEEL what it feels like to be 1/3rd of the way closer to your ideal feeling.

You're almost there, aren't you?

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and imagine you are 2/3rds there.

How does that feel?  Attainable?  Hopeful?  Possible?

If the distance between your desired feeling and your current feeling is shorter, it feels better. Play around with this idea. It's one way to raise your vibration incrementally.