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Healing Hopeless Relationships
© by Rebecca Hanson & Law of Attraction Training Center
Permission granted to reproduce this article with copyrights in tact.

"My husband and I were planning our divorce. Now we're planning our reconciliation."

"For years, my teenage son and I were at odds with each other. At times he was abusive toward me. Now we are building a great friendship based on mutual respect and appreciation."

"My middle daughter and I were never close. She harbored deep (and justified) resentment toward me. Now she phones me almost every day and shares with me her joys and challenges as a young mom. I LOVE our new relationship!"

"For the first time in my life, I have a loving relationship with myself. I am living as my authentic self on a daily basis and it feels good!"

What do these four people have in common? To what do they ALL attribute the successful healing of these seemingly hopeless relationships? The Law of Attraction! It's really quite amazing when you consider that three of these testimonials came from people who have been deliberately applying the Law of Attraction for less than a year.

What is it about the Law of Attraction (LOA) that produces such a wonderful benefit in a gentle natural way? Four aspects of LOA come to my mind as being significant in changing the way we relate to others: Self-appreciation which translates into appreciation of others, looking for new perspectives on negative events, expecting people to respond differently to us when we have shifted our vibration and building a community of like-minded friends.

The Law of Attraction teaches us to discover who we truly are-based on what we love or enjoy. As we sort through stuff we've tolerated for years, looking for things we enjoy-then fully appreciating the way we ARE-we find ourselves becoming less defensive, less judgmental, kinder, gentler and more accepting of all that is.

I remember when a strong creative part of me wanted expression. Of course, after years of suppression, this expression had to be BIG-like renovating the main bathroom! I had devalued, depreciated and discounted the creative aspect of my personality for a long time and now it was reasserting itself. I threw my whole being into that renovation, calling upon all my creative energy, natural talent, eye for color, design, balance and financial resources. The result was a beautiful bathroom-spa. The finished product was so lovely it was used in a commercial-all because I chose to honor my true self.

True love and appreciation begins with self-appreciation, self-love and self-care. We can only love others to the degree that we love and accept ourselves.

The more we notice how our feelings attract similar events, the more motivated we become in finding new perspectives on events that don't feel good. I am fully convinced that I can CHOOSE a new perspective and in so doing, shift a negative situation into a very healthy and positive one.

In 2003-2005, I applied for child support for my mentally handicapped daughter. The judge denied my request, declaring Sarah to be an adult; citing her age, then 24, and the fact she lives on her own. My initial reaction was one of surprise and fear around how I could continue to support her financially. I knew enough to be cautious about how I continued to think about this event, so I asked my Inner Being for the highest vibrating thoughts on this subject. When I broke the news to Sarah (who understood all that was going on), I told her, "The judge said, 'No child support.'" I paused to let that sink in; then I followed up with a cheerful, "Congratulations! You are now legally an adult!" A few days later, Sarah was signing up for a bowling league and when she was asked her age, she was told, "You have to sign up with the adult league. You're too old for the junior league." She smiled at me and said, "I really AM an adult!" It was a milestone for both of us.

As we grow in cooperation with the Law of Attraction we learn how to reframe negative situations faster and more easily. After a while it becomes second nature to reframe something that doesn't feel good. In this way, we practice kindness toward ourselves and others. Resentment and bitterness are not allowed to contaminate our vibration.

Eventually we begin to trust that when we meet someone with our highest vibration and expect them to respond harmoniously, they DO!

While we cannot 'make' anyone respond to us in ways that feel good to us, we can offer them the opportunity to make a good response. If we are looking for the good in them-looking for their very best and kindest response-they will find it easier to show us that side of their personality. It's like our high vibration calls forth the best in the other person.

Are you ready? Are you really ready for a new way of living that is full of love, acceptance and grace? The Certified LOA Coach-Trainer Program prepares you for a joyful and fulfilling career based on what you love to do, and it can transform areas of your life you thought were 'hopeless.'