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Attract More Clients Who Pay Joyfully
by Rebecca Hanson
© by Rebecca Hanson & Global Law of Attraction Training Center
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I have a steady stream of ideal clients who joyfully pay for my services.

Each time I introduce myself with this carefully worded sentence, my audience has the same reaction. After a few moments of silence, someone asks, "How do you get them to pay joyfully?"

It wasn't always this way, I explain. When I first started my Web design business, I found that I was attracting a lot of clients who wanted to barter or trade their services for mine. I noticed that a lot of those folks promoted themselves as "prosperity and abundance coaches." Yet they seemed unwilling to pay money for my services.

Then I learned, through understanding the Law of Attraction, that we attract to ourselves whatever we are thinking, feeling or doing. I began to look at what I was doing to attract "cheap" clients.

I discovered that I was quite proud of my ability to find the best bargain or the cheapest rate. And I held a strong resentment toward people who made a lot of money!

The old adage, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," became more meaningful as it dawned on me that if I want clients to joyfully pay for my services, I must joyfully pay for services that I receive.

Over the next few months, I took special note of the slightest annoyance I experienced when paying for a service or product. I didn't need to understand why I felt that way. (Figuring out why felt like "justification.") I just needed to ACKNOWLEDGE that I felt that way, and then I could DECIDE to feel differently.

Many times I've used the phrase, "I'm in the process of…" to help me make that shift to a better feeling.

"I'm in the process of feeling joyful about paying Betty for her services."

"I'm in the process of feeling good about paying this legal fee."

"I'm in the process of feeling better and better about paying for this."

Just saying those words, "I'm in the process of…" feels better because it is true. I AM in the process of changing! And as I change, so do the types of people, places, situations and circumstances that I attract to myself.

Remember, the feeling behind what we say is as important as the words we use. If we want others to pay joyfully for our services, we must FEEL joyful when paying for the services of others.

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