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Clicking to Good Vibrations!
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Recently my dad visited me in Victoria, BC. He is THE most appreciative person I know!

While we were out shopping one day, I insisted upon stopping at one place and then another and another--intensly searching for a specific item. Finally, I found it at Staples--it's a metal counter. You know, one of those metal things that you can 'click' to help you keep track of the number of items you are counting. People counting stock in a store often use them.

When we got into the car, my dad looked quite bewildered and asked, "What are you EVER going to do with that?"

To which I replied, "Do you remember that double rainbow we saw this morning? Well, [click, click]."

"And do you remember how the sun was shining while it rained and the rain looked like silver tinsle? Well, [click, click]!"

My dad caught on right away! And for the rest of his visit one of us would appreciate something and say, "You'd better give that a 'click'."

Each time we gave something a click we would laugh or smile and joke about how many 'clicks' we had gathered that day. People watching us may have thought we were drunk--we were drunk with joy!

One afternoon, my dad began to talk about an unpleasant memory. As I began to enter into his vibration he stopped me and said, "We'd better drop this subject or we'll loose two 'clicks'!" Oh, we laughed as we realized how a simple little object could raise our vibration so wonderfully that we DARED not loose a single 'click'.

Dad has gone back to Dallas, Texas now. And he is telling all his friends about the "AC"--not air conditioning--the Appreciation Counter.

This is something you must experience to fully appreciate! It's the best $12.00 I've spent in a long time.

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