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What's Wrong With Big Dreams? by Rebecca Hanson & Global Law of Attraction Training Center
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Recently, a student phoned me to ask me this question, "What's wrong with having big dreams?" "Nothing," I replied. "Why do you ask?"

"Well, my friends are all telling me my dreams are impossible and I just want to know if I can attract them into my life."

"Tell me," I asked, "what are these big dreams."

"I want to win the lottery, inherit a lot of money or find a rich man," was her quick response.

"Oh, you want to be 'rescued'," I observed.

"No, I'm not that way. I don't need to be rescued." Her voice faltered over the word "rescued."

"No? Listen to what you just told me. You said your big dreams were to:

  • win the lottery
  • inherit a lot of money
  • find a rich man.

Which one is not being rescued?"  My student was quiet for a few moments as the realization sunk in deeper that she had been looking for an answer outside her self--a rescuer.

There is nothing wrong with dreaming big dreams like

  • I want to become a millionaire
  • I want to own a nation-wide chain of restaurants (or auto parts stores).
  • I want to be a famous author.

Each of these dreams can come true, if you are willing to do the foot-work. To be a famous author, you must write a book. To own a nation-wide chain of anything, you must begin with one and learn the industry well. To become a millionaire, you must know what you enjoy doing and do it well, noticing each opportunity the Law of Attraction brings your way as you climb the "stairway to heaven."

Now, you may be wondering if there is a difference between old-fashioned hard work and using Law of Attraction if you still have to do the work. Good question!

You have been born for a purpose. There's a reason you have shown up on earth at this time. The Law of Attraction helps you recognize just what that purpose is, by letting you experience "contrast"--which teaches you what is not in alignment with your purposes--and letting you experience "excitement, joy and fulfillment"--which teaches you what is in alignment with your purpose in this life time. As you follow your heart's desires, you develop into the person you were born to be.

Every desire, every dream, every imagination of who you could be, and what you could do comes with its own unique blueprint. This blueprint includes the lessons to be learned along the way to becoming "a millionaire", a "famous author, or anything else you want to become. The blueprint also knows the timing of events that must occur for you to recognize your purposes and achieve them.

Last summer, I received a great lesson in timing and development. It happened about two months after I moved into my new condo. The developer began landscaping the ground between my condo and the one next to mine. Every morning I sat by my living room window to watch the progress. First they brought in big machinery to scrape away the dirt which had been covering up a cement tunnel connecting the two underground parking lots. Once the cement was exposed and cleaned thoroughly, a layer of tar was applied. Next, a crew of men applied a layer of tar paper, followed by strips of something that looked like asphalt shingles on a big roll. On top of the asphalt shingles the men spread a layer of gravel and finally they laid down rubber strips. THEN the developer began the task of bringing in the dirt, followed by trees and shrubs and grass. It took over a month to complete this piece of landscaping.

Did the landscaper who designed the layout of this piece of earth have a dream, a vision? Yes she did! What would have happened if she had taken a shortcut and left out one of these steps?  More than likely, the underground parking lots would now be underground streams of running water. Everything that might have been planted above the parking lots would need to be removed and the whole process done properly. The cost to remediate (fix) the shortcut would have more than doubled the cost of doing it right the first time.

Are you starting to get the picture?

Yes, dream big. Discover what you truly love to do. Learn everything about it. Practice doing it until you can do it with your eyes closed. Expect the Law of Attraction to guide you to and through each lesson you need to learn so you CAN be the millionaire, the famous author or whatever you came forth to be and do. The Law of Attraction will make your journey to the top as easy as possible; and it will make sure you receive all the financial, physical, emotional and mental support you need as you grow and develop. It must do so, it is the Law.

If you have been focusing on being rescued, as my student was, take a few moments to write down what you'd use the million dollars for. What would you do with an inheritance?  What if you had all the financial security (assurance) you needed--what would you do?  Who would you be? Start your answer with something like, "If I had my way, I'd be doing..." or, "If I had my way, I'd become..." Your answer is a clue to your purpose on earth. Write it down. Keep it in your line of vision. Be willing to do the work and the work will be meaningful and fulfilling.